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    6 Reasons Why Social Games Are the Next Advertising Frontier

    No doubt advertisers have noticed that 56 million Americans are playing social games and that the branded virtual goods market is booming. But more than just social gaming’s growing popularity has gotten attention from advertisers. Social games also represent an environment that is largely conducive to advertising... Read More

    Google launches Nexus S phone in UK and US

    The Nexus S will initially be launched in the UK and US, and will be available "from the end of the month". It is the first phone to feature the latest version of Google's Android operating system known as Gingerbread.... Read More

    Microsoft Co-Founder Loses Round One in Lawsuit Against Google, Apple & Facebook

    A judge has dismissed Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s lawsuit against Google, Apple, Facebook and others for patent infringement. Back in August, Allen originally claimed that 11 different companies, including YouTube (YouTube), Netflix and AOL, had violated four different patents associated with web search and e-commerce. These patents are tied to both software and business methods..... Read More

    6 Great Gloves for Touchscreen Gadget Lovers

    Well, the weather outside is frightful (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), so you just might be regretting your choice of a touchscreen-equipped handset as your portable phone. Take your gloves off to send a text? Not in this weather..... Read More