Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Now Google Is Going To Have To Pay $8 Billion To Buy Twitter

There used to be a time when people swooned at the idea of Google having to spend $1 billion to acquire Twitter.

Now it's going to have to be a lot more than that. Twitter just raised $200 million at a $3.7 billion valuation.

Assuming its newest backer, Kleiner Perkins, wants to more-than-double its money, now it could cost Google $8 billion to buy Twitter.

That's still in Google's price range, but it's getting expensive!

Plus, at this point, the deal size won't be Google's biggest problem

Twitter Is Now Worth Almost TWICE As Much As The New York Times 
Twitter's new financing round gives the company a $3.7 billion valuation.

That's almost twice as much as the New York Times, which has an enterprise value of $2 billion today.

There is an obvious difference: The New York Times Company value is based on a public stock, which anyone can purchase, while Twitter's valuation is based on a private round of financing that individuals couldn't participate in.

But, in theory, at least, Twitter is now worth twice as much as the Times. Wow!

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