Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Worried With Latest Penguin Update? These Tips Helps You Better

Did Google penguin update affect your site? Are you struggling to know what to do? Then you are the right place. The penguin update has penalised pages and sites which have been spamming Google. Your site can recover from this update but it requires some effort and time. You can do this by yourself by following some tips and tricks or can hire an internet marketing agency that implements the best white hat SEO techniques to recover from the penguin update. Following are some of the tips that assist you in the recovery process:
  • Instead of stuffing your content with the keywords, it is better to use LSI words. Maintain a keyword density of 2%. If you have stuffed your content or post with more keywords than this it is time to re-edit your content in order to make it genuine
  • Try to get links for your blog from your niche blogs. After the penguin update, Google has been giving value to only those links which are coming from the blog related to your blog's topic
  • Content is king. So, write fresh, unique and quality content. Don't copy the content from other sites or blog. Google will easily catch you out if you duplicate the content and penalise you
  • Try to update your blog consistently. It makes no sense to update your blog with 10 articles a day and not updating it at all for a few days. So, try to update the content of the blog or site at least two to three times a week
  • If you have any type of paid links, whether it is from a link farm or an individual, it is better to remove them by contacting them through mail or telephone. You can request them to remove the links as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be penalised by Google
  • Avoid making use of exact anchor text backlinks. Instead of using exact anchor text you can make use of long tail or descriptive anchor texts. Otherwise there is a chance Google might think it as a grey hat SEO technique and may penalise you
  • Stay active on social networking sites. If your site is one among the affected sites then it you should look into a social factor for your site. Share your content on social sites and also include the Google plus button on your site
  • Avoid hidden text and links. Most sites penalised by Google have followed this technique. They have hidden the links behind the image. These techniques do not work with penguin and you will get penalised
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