Monday, November 12, 2012

10 Countries With Best Internet Speed In The World

Connectivity has so far moving from “wired” to “wireless.” In both ways, nothing brings more serenity to everyday life- be it at work or home- than a good internet speed. Whether attending an online video conference at office, watching videos on YouTube or uploading pictures to social networking site, the last thing we wish to see would be a slow connection.

While many countries, including the poorly ranked India, suffer from slow or deteriorating internet connections, certain countries across the world cherish the flair of ultra speed network connectivity even in their outskirts! With millions of web connections and multiple network service plans, here are the 10 countries that have the best internet speed in the world, according to the latest report from Akamai.

#10 Bulgaria

Internet Speed: 27.9 Mbps (Peak)

Year-to-year change: 17 per cent

Global rank: 10

Over 60 percent of internet consumers in this European country access the internet through LAN connections. The biggest Internet Service Providers in the country even offer fiber optic access carrying services ranging from IPTV to VOIP.

#9 Hungary
Internet Speed: 28.0 Mbps (Peak)
Year-to-year change: 15 per cent
Global rank: 9

91Percent of Hungary's internet connections has speeds above two Mbps. the country has several local Internet Service Providers who offers plans ranging from monthly fees of about $15 a month. Some of the Internet Service Providers offer packages which combine Internet, TV and telephone subscription.

#8 Singapore
Internet Speed: 28.3 Mbps (Peak)
Year-to-year change: 36 per cent
Global rank: 8

Internet access is readily available in Singapore with a connectivity rate of over 99 percent! The penetration of residential wired broadband in households was at 104.2 percent last year. The country in 2010 had launched its Next Gen Nationwide Broadband Network which is Singapore’s ultra-high speed fibre network. It offers pervasive, competitively priced broadband of high speeds at comparable prices to ADSL and cable connection. It was able to be deployed in 75% nationwide as of August 2011 and is on track to achieve its target of 95 per cent coverage by end of this year.

#7 Belgium
Internet Speed: 29.5 Mbps (Peak)
Quarter-to-quarter change: 1.1 per cent
Year-to-year change: 10 per cent
Global rank: 7

Flanders, a region in Belgium has recently declared EU leader in high-speed internet by the European commission. Internet connections with speeds of over 30 Megabits per second have a penetration rate of almost 10 per cent in Belgium. Even though the Belgians enjoy a good speed, the internet charges belong to the highest and least flexible in Europe.

#6 Switzerland
Internet Speed: 29.9 Mbps (Peak)
Year-to-year change: 25 per cent
Global rank: 6

Switzerland has one of the fastest connected population in the world with 88 percent of the residential consumers connecting at speeds greater than 2 Mbps and a 38 percent of them at speeds greater than 8 Mbps, according to a Nielsen survey. The country also has a strong growth in the wireless broadband sector.

#5 Latvia
Internet Speed: 33.5 Mbps (Peak)
Year-to-year change: 14 per cent
Global rank: 5

Internet, once an expensive commodity in Latvia, has had its prices fallen due to people refusing for taking the expensive home connections and instead accessing internet from their work places or from public areas.  

The average internet speed of the country was greater than 8 Mbps in the first quarter of this year. Lattelecom, the country’s largest internet service provider offers fiber optic bandwidth up to 500 Mbps, which is available to more than half of Latvian households.

#4 Romania
Internet Speed: 38.6 Mbps (Peak)
Year-to-year change: 15 per cent
Global rank: 4

More than half of the total internet connections in Romania are broadband. 40 percent of these connections are running at around 30 Mbps. Even though the country was dropped out of the world’s top 10 internet speeds in the first quarter, it has again made it to the list.

#3 Japan
Internet Speed: 40.5 Mbps (Peak)
Year-to-year change: 28 per cent
Global rank: 3

Japan has one of the best cost-to-performance internet services available in the world. The country started with 56 Kbps dialup connections in the early 90s. Towards the end of the decade cable operators started providing broad band connections of their own which became popular among the commoners. Japan has passed total network usage of more than 1 Tbps of data in 2010 as per the Ministry of Communications.

#2 South Korea
Internet Speed: 46.9 Mbps (Peak)
Year-to-year change: 31 per cent
Global rank: 2

Due to government’s policies and programs that facilitated a rapid expansion and use of broadband, South Koreans enjoy internet speeds as high as 200 times the United States. As early in 2005, more than 96% of mobile phones in South Korea had internet access and it was the first country to have completed dial-up to broad band network. Many public restaurants and firms in the country even offer free Wi-Fi internet in business hours. 

#1 Hong Kong
Internet Speed: 49.2 Mbps (Peak)
Year-to-year change: 11 per cent
Global rank: 1

The people in Hong Kong enjoy astoundingly fast broadband at an astoundingly low price. The Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), with its “Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH)” and “Fiber-To-The-Building (FTTB)” Technologies, offer services with speeds upto 1 Gbps, with a guarantee of atleast 80 percent of the advertised speed.

Since we saw the top 10 countries in the list, it is now time to see the position of U.S., a proclaimed tech leader and also the status of India.

United States
Global rank: 11
Internet Speed: 27.1 Mbps (Peak)
Year-to-year change: 24 per cent

The United States has a global ranking of 11 in fastest internet connection.



Global rank: 116
Internet Speed: 6.9 Mbps (Peak)
Year-to-year change: 21 per cent

India stands at a poor 116th position in the list with average internet speeds touching just 1 Mbps, way far behind other Asia Pacific countries. Only 1.2 percent of connections in the country has speed of over 4Mbps.