Friday, November 2, 2012

Bing Advertising To Increase Transparency With “Quality Impact”

How valuable would it be to work on improving your paid search keywords’ Quality Score? And which keywords should you focus on first? Bing Ads is introducing a new feature called “Quality Impact” that will tell advertisers how many new impressions they could gain by improving their Quality Score on each keyword.
The feature looks at the competition for targeted traffic and the traffic volume. Initially, the Quality Impact analysis will appear for keywords with a Quality Score less than 6. It will project how many impressions would result if Quality Score were improved to 6 or more.
The new feature can be accessed through the Keyword Performance Report on the web interface or via the API.
The Quality Impact feature will output a number between 1 and 3 (or null, when information isn’t available). The higher the number, the more impressions could be gained by improving Quality Score.
For Bing Ads, the components of quality score include keyword relevance, landing page relevance and landing page user experience. Bing also provides an sub-score for each component to help advertisers know where to focus their energies.
While Google AdWords does provide guidance on the various components of its Quality Score, it doesn’t have an equivalent to Quality Impact thus far.
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