Saturday, December 29, 2012

5 Top Smartphone Trends for 2013

As smartphone usage continues to proliferate worldwide, and more and more internet traffic goes mobile, we are going to continue seeing some new and interesting developments in smartphone technology. This year was no exception, putting us on track for some potential smartphone trends for 2013. Read on this article to find out what will be the top five smartphone trends over the next year.

1. Staying in the cloud

Working in the “cloud” is not exactly a new thing – offices have been using shared servers for years, and in the last several years that same concept has gone beyond the professional and into personal use. With the growth of cloud-share servers like Dropbox, Google Drive, and others, more and more users are choosing to save their files and documents in the cloud instead of their hard drives. This is getting easier now that each of these services are developing mobile apps as well, meaning you do not even have to be at a computer or in a WiFi hotspot to access your entire digital history – you need nothing more than a simple 3G cellular connection.

2. Multimedia shopping

Online shopping is nothing new, and obviously neither is shopping in stores. But the two are coming together in unprecedented ways, as stores are now offering in-store QR codes, as well as mobile sites, allowing shoppers to gather more information about what they are purchasing as they hold it in their hands. And, with the QR codes and check-in opportunities, maybe even get a discount!

3. It’s a Woman’s World

Interestingly enough, recent statistics are showing greater smartphone usage among women than men, and the numbers are only expected to rise. While plenty of men own and use smartphones as well, their usage tends to be limited to more of the basic functionality – sending messages and emails, and, of course, making phone calls. Women are more eager to check out all the aspects of a smartphone, demonstrated in their active use of social media and online mobile shopping.

4. Going mobile to stay organized

Along with cloud sharing services, some of the top apps developed this year have been highly functional to help you to stay organized – whether they are dynamic to-do list apps, or automatic synching note taking apps, or or photo organization apps. Smartphones are no longer just a device to make phone calls and check emails – they are personal organizers that are taking the place of picture albums, note pads, calendars, and message boards – all at the same time.

5. More mobility

One of the most important trends in 2013 is the use of the smartphone itself. Numbers of smartphone users skyrocket on an annual basis, and show no signs of abating. Cellular coverage is now a major factor for those looking to buy or rent a new residence, and can make or break commercial locations as well. As more and more people take their world mobile, smartphones will acquire more and more functionality, totally transforming our world as we know it.

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