Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tips To Find The Most Affordable Tablet PC

Tablet PC is an innovative device compared to desktop computers and laptops. Technology has changed rapidly. Earlier desktop systems used to make the work simpler. With the introduction of laptops you can stay connected with your work on the go, but now with the advancements in technology tablet has been invented which integrates the features of both desktop computers and laptops into a single device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9: This Tablet is known for its design and speed. If portability is your major concern then it is the best option to buy this thin and lightweight device. It runs on Android 3.2 Honeycomb operating system. It is powered by the NVidia tegra2 processor which boosts the device speed. It supports 1GB RAM with 16GB memory capacity. It has front and rear cameras while the front camera is used for video chats and rear one for capturing pictures. It costs is $439.

Toshiba AT200: it is the world’s thinnest Tablet ever made. Toshiba achieved greater success in designing this thinnest device which is available in 7.7mm size. It runs on the same platform like Samsung 8.9 tab i.e. Android 3.2 Honeycomb. It provides the long lasting battery life of 8 hours. It is embedded with Toshiba places, MacAfee mobile security, ThinkFree Office and EverNote softwares. Its storage capacity is 32GB. All these features demand for the high cost of the device i.e. $349.

Google Nexus 7: this tablet guaranties the enhanced multitouch and multimedia features. It runs on the latest Android Jellybean that make the device faster compared to galaxy tab. It comes with quad core cortex A9 processor which offers better performance. It is inbuilt with ASUS and Tegra processor which boosts the device performance web pages will be loaded faster. It is a multitasking gadget where you can run several apps at the same time.It is the affordable gadget with price $199.

Microsoft Surface Pro: Microsoft is known to produce the quality products in the world. The new windows tablet will be powered by Intel core i5 third generation processor. This multitouch display has the screen resolution of 1920*1080. It weighs 900gm. This gadget is available in two keyboard covers touch cover and type cover. It comes with the same screen size as its predecessor i.e.10.6 inch screen and also includes a stylus and SkyDrive feature. Front and rare facing camera support 720p. These incredible features make the device cost up to $1035.

Apart from these gadgets there are also several affordable tablets available in the market like Nook HD, iPad Mini, Amazon Kindle Fire HD etc. You can buy these gadgets from online store. Shop around different stores to know the best deals and discounts which save your money. One of the advantages of using these tablets is mobility. Your information will be secure and can share files; notes etc. Instantly .Choose the best tab that is within your budget and start enjoying it.

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