Thursday, December 6, 2012

Viral Marketing- Tips and Tricks

Viral marketing is one of the most popular internet marketing strategies, which is similar to the word of mouth marketing in the conventional world. Experts consider that the ability of evoking people’s emotion is the success formula behind the viral marketing strategy. There are several viral marketing ideas that have been time tested and successful. The actual process of viral marketing involves in giving away an information or product to people who in turn will distribute the idea or product to other in a similar way that viruses spread and hence the name viral marketing.

One of the hot places to begin your viral marketing today is the facebook fan pages. With over 500 million active users the website by itself will make the projects successful. However, facebook is just one of the several options. In fact, other contemporary area of interest such as video clips, games, ad banners, SMS, MMS, emails, newsletters, and RSS feeds are equally efficient in viral marketing. You can either do it yourself or utilize the internet marketing services offered by companies. If you are planning to run a viral marketing campaign on your own, the following tips and tricks might be very useful.

  • Strong opinions and great expressions are the key to viral marketing; remember the success of viral marketing is involved in provoking thoughts of people.
  • Copying is the worst thing in viral marketing, only unique ideas and expressions get the attention of people and can evoke the emotions.
  • Focusing on the idea rather than the product itself has a long lasting effect in the minds of the potential customers.
  • Don’t stop with a single attempt, but continue the viral marketing with a variety of ad sequences to get attention of people and make them consider your product or service for their purposes.
  • You can provide greater exposure to your viral marketing by sharing information using social bookmarks, emails, and RSS.
  • Make your audience participate in the campaign by encouraging them to leave a comment or feed back. This will provide you with insights of where you need to modify or change tactics.
  • As mentioned earlier, only freebies can aid to the spreading of campaign like virus and do not make any conditions or terms while offering freebies and also encourage people to share it for the benefit of others. Offering incentives to those who spread your ad will boost up the campaign.
  • Utilize every one of the available areas including article submissions pod casting, white papers, e-books and forums to reach out to the masses.