Friday, January 25, 2013

Why is Tablet Computing a 'New Dawn' for Businesses?

Tablet computing is revolutionising the business world in many ways.  From the world’s largest corporations to the entrepreneur trying to get his one-man initiative off the ground, tablet devices are playing a huge role in the way business is done around the world.
We explored the variety of ways in which this ‘new dawn’ is being exploited, and what it could mean for how we do business in the future.
Show Not Tell 
While those three words will appear as cliché on many job applications, they sum up what many tablet devices now allow us to do.
Previously, conference calls or the use of ‘GoToMeeting’ would be a platform for awkward communications and misunderstandings of things. Now, many tablet applications allow for ‘virtual whiteboards’ to be used, meaning that diagrams can be drawn, or infographics annotated, for example, so that anyone on a call can use their device to see what the message clearly is.
In Your Hands
For smaller businesses, the impact of tablet computing has perhaps been bigger than in any other respect. Historically, new companies would need large financial sums in order to secure premises and systems, whereas tablet devices allow every detail to be either kept on the device, or stored securely on a cloud-based platform for convenient access at any time.
Entrepreneurs who couldn’t afford to start a business can now do so, and operate on a mobile basis rather than out of an office.
Even if the global economy recovers strongly in years to come, expect technology to continue proving pivotal as increasing numbers of people start their own businesses or become self-sustainable.
Buy It Now
Being able to ‘close the deal on the spot’ used to be the benchmark for anyone wanting to be considered a crack salesperson. A familiar obstacle was always that, with time to think about something, a person would more often than not back out of an agreement, and end up not signing a contract, for example.
Now, virtual invoices can be produced and signatures secured on tablet devices, meaning that people no longer need to be skilled in delivering the ‘hard sell.’ The benefits to sales businesses go even further, as sales representatives can now give much more interactive and clear presentations, rather than follow the old-school method of reading from their sales pack or writing down obscure facts. If a tablet device is used correctly, and your product is good enough, you don’t even need to be ‘able to sell’ anymore.
All of these trends, and more, are likely to continue to influence businesses for years to come. These are just three of the ways that the new way of doing business is being exploited, while there are many more exciting opportunities available to do so.
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