Friday, February 1, 2013

Four Tricks To Make Blogging Faster

WordPress is a great tool that will make your life as a blogger less stressful and more straightforward. It will let you focus your efforts on writing great content and finding great visuals, and reduce the time you have to spend on administrative tasks like coding, security upgrades, and other busy work not related to the basic task of blogging.

That said, using WordPress themes doesn't eliminate all the annoying parts involved in blogging. There are still some busy work tasks to be taken care of. Luckily, the WordPress development community has rolled a long list of upgrades meant to make the busy work as easy and pain-free as possible. Here are four great additions to your blog that will make blogging faster, easier, and boost your output and productivity.

Every WordPress blog comes with the Akismet anti-spam plug in as its default spam fighting feature. Akismet is great for professionals and enterprise bloggers who need exceptional flexibility (and have the capital to spend on Akismet's extra features) but it's too much for the average blogger, who simply wants to eliminate spam comments while ensuring his or her friends and readers can still leave their comments. For the latter group, Anti-Captcha will be exactly what they are looking for. Anti-Captcha presents would-be commenters with short, simple tests that any human will pass with ease, but which will trip up robots designed to leave spam comments on your blog. Plus, it's totally free to add to your WordPress blog. Sound too good to be true? Just check out Anti-Captcha's reviews on the WordPress extension codex. They're packed with testimonials from customers who say Anti-Captcha has eliminated spam from their blog entirely. That means less time clearing out your message queue, and more time blogging.

Related Post Thumbnails
Any guide to keeping visitors on your site longer will recommend that you interlink your posts. This means putting links in every post that lead to other posts on your website, so that once readers finish with one post, they move directly on to another. This is great advice that really works, but it is time consuming, and many bloggers never follow through on it because of the time required to add interlinking to every post. Related Post Thumbnails takes care of this problem for you. This extension automatically determines the content of every post, identifies related posts that you have published in the past, and then puts links to them beneath (or above, or within) every single article on your website. You don't have to bother with finding related articles, or tracking down the permalinks to those articles, or any of that busy work. Related Post Thumbnails automates the process and allows you to move on to other things.

Hyper Cache Extended
Unless your web server is the greatest web server ever invented, it will occasionally experience slowdowns. This is frustrating for visitors and even more so for webmasters, who have to spend hours optimizing their web sites to reduce their vulnerability to slow downs. Well, Hyper Cache Extended takes care of the optimization for you. Bloggers will see their blogs speed up immediately, and be very, very thankful for it.

WordPress Backup To Dropbox
You know you should backup your WordPress site, but you always put off doing it, right? Then let this plug in do it for you automatically, without you having to worry about whether you're making the right type of backup, or saving the backup in the right place, or anything like that. WordPress Backup To Dropbox deposits backups in your DropBox at regular intervals, and lets you focus on other things.

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Good news for all, now Google released PageSpeed software for speed up your webpages automatically....