Sunday, June 16, 2013

Opportunity Knocking: How Small Businesses Can Take Control of Mobile Computing

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) all over the world have plenty to look forward to when it comes to mobile computing. However, the UK is one place that’s especially poised to reap the benefits. Not only has Internet usage more than doubled in the UK since 2006, but a growing number of people are using the Internet and mobile devices in new and interesting ways. For example, 32 percent of adults accessed the Internet via mobile phone in 2012 and that number’s still growing.

Mobile computing and wireless networking have both become important linchpins in today’s IT and marketing strategies. As falling hardware prices boost customer demand, companies in the UK are finding themselves awash in opportunities to offer unique and profitable mobile computing services and products.
Mobile Devices and Open Source Platforms While ordinary computer operating systems dominate traditional desktop and laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices feature a wider range of platforms. For instance, operating systems specifically designed for smartphones command a significant portion of the mobile device market.

Along with different operating systems come different types of mobile devices. This unparalleled diversity in hardware and software opens a unique need for product selection, maintenance and troubleshooting. Capitalizing on the need for reliable expertise when it comes to choosing mobile devices is one way your company can benefit from a golden opportunity. Customers relish having solid and reliable advice when shopping for the best hardware and software combinations available. To this end, it’s a safe bet to carry a broad range of competing and complementary products while offering customers plenty of well-needed assistance with managing this diverse collection.

Security, Management and Operations

IT elements traditionally associated with fixed devices, including application provisioning and network access control, carry over to mobile device management. Many of the management services offered in one arena can be offered in the other with minimum issue. Training also provides an excellent opportunity to not just build upon one’s knowledge base, but also to create long-lasting relationships throughout the IT world.
SMEs also benefit from an increased need for mobile device support. Given the sheer diversity of hardware and software, the need for high quality technical support presents itself as a profitable opportunity. Your company can benefit from the steady business revenue it offers while building a storied reputation for itself – one that provides continued success.

Security is yet another opportunity available for most SMEs. Keeping clients and infrastructure secure from intentional and unintentional forms of harm is a constant, everlasting process for IT personnel. Many firms still require a helping hand skilled at creating fixed and mobile security solutions and acceptable-use policies.
The growth of mobile computing among ordinary users continues to grow at a fast pace. It’s only natural for SMEs to seek new ways of benefitting from what stands to be a massive sea change in commerce. Seizing mobile computing service opportunities for small business gives your business a leg-up as mobile devices take center stage in the business world.

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Alan McMahon works for Dell and is involved in marketing consumer and enterprise solutions, across a range for products from tablet pc’s, servers, and storage to virtualization. Alan McMahon is based in Ireland and enjoys sailing as a past time.