Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tips For Buying And Installing A Hidden Camera

Now that hidden surveillance cameras have become so available and affordable, more people are finding reasons to use them.  Whether you want to keep an eye on your kids, your subordinates at work, your valuables at home, or something else, hidden cams can provide a simple and convenient solution.  Here are some tips for picking out the right surveillance camera and getting the most out of using it.  

Know what’s available.  
The days of spy pens and surveillance cameras peeping through holes in the wall are past; now it’s easy to find an impressive variety of hidden cameras.  You can find cameras disguised as functioning clocks, smoke detectors, AC adapter plugs, thumb drives, watches, keychains, glasses, MP3 players, and more.  Cameras are available in many different specifications to meet your needs - the cameras can be powered by battery or plugged in, they are offered in various resolutions, and there are even models that are sensitive to low light available.  

Think about how you want to use your camera.  
You should consider whether you’re going to be monitoring one specific thing, like a safe or the front hall of your office; if not, you may want to keep your options open, and buy a camera that is less conspicuous and can be moved around easily.  If you know you’re going to be watching a fixed spot, you could use a camera that will look like it is part of the room, like a coat hook or a smoke detector.  As a caveat, you have less flexibility with this type of camera.  A more versatile camera, like a pen or a flash drive, offers many benefits, but you do have to make sure that you don’t lose it, and that someone else doesn’t carry it off or move it. 

Be careful of placement. 
On that note, you should look for a place for your camera where it’s unlikely to be damaged or carried off.  This is easier when you’re working with indoor cameras, but you still have to be careful.  A camera hidden in the leaves of a plant might get watered; a camera set near the edge of a desk or shelf might get knocked down.  Some cameras are waterproof or otherwise built to be a little more durable, but there’s no need to intentionally test the limits of that durability.

Be sure of legality.  
It's important to remember that a hidden camera is not legal everywhere or under all circumstances.  The relevant laws vary by state, but in many places, cameras are not legal in places like restrooms, changing rooms, and locker rooms.  If you're thinking of installing them at your workplace, you need to make sure that you have the authority, or the permission of someone who does.Taking the time to double check can prevent a lot of trouble later on.  

Using hidden cams can bring you increased peace of mind and security, whether you keep the cameras at work, at home, or on your person.  However, using surveillance cameras can also lead to stress and trouble if you don’t buy one that suits your purpose, find a good place to install it, and have the necessary permission.  These pointers will help you choose the right camera and put it to optimal use.  

This is a guest post article by Eric Worden of a site that offers current information about hidden cams.


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